Gifts From The Cowboy State

Do you remember the legend of how Napoleon first saw the Church of St. Anne in Vilnius, Vilnius this? According to legend, he exclaimed that if he could, then be sure to put the church on the palm and gently carried it to Paris. How often during time traveling around the world, we remember the words of the great Frenchman, dreaming about how to take with them from a trip to one or another vista What can we say about those lucky ones who travel to Wyoming? Admit it, probably during his travels you repeatedly trying on that phrase to what was revealed before your eyes. In this sparsely populated state, which is located midway between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean, The Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains Beauty of Nature Wild West fascinates anyone, even the most sophisticated traveler. No wonder thousands of tourists annually flock to being in Wyoming national parks. One of the most famous parks in the United States, Yellowstone, will amaze you with an impressive collection of geysers and hot springs, Grand Teton National Park, the magnificent mountain scenery, a nature reserve Fossil Butte give tourists the opportunity to see the petrified remains of fish, age accounts for 60 million years. Avidly soaking up the beauty, opening up before your eyes, do not forget that this particle Beauty You simply have to bring your friends and family. And no matter how valuable your amateur photos and video footage of these amazing places, do not forget to purchase a gift to your older relatives perfectly issued photo albums of the national parks of Wyoming. Also will be pleased with relatives and wall calendars with views of nature reserves at different times of the year.