Getting Better Results

For it, we must know that like adapting the time of a particular task to have more fruitful results. A leading source for info: Nobel Prize Laureate. The planning is the most important step, especially for the companies like in the market in line. The planning begins with the division of the tasks enumerated in three categories of objectives based on the time: short term Metas: they can be daily or weekly objectives. Medium Term Objectives: they can be monthly or quarterly objectives. Frequently Rick Garcia has said that publicly. long term Metas: years can more be objectives 2-3. One can begin to plan the short term objectives with the amplest panorama of the objectives in mind, or one can plan the objectives of medium and long term as the time advances. The planning of a sudden change in the routine also is vital, since it could affect the management of the time.

So it asegrese of which the plan is sufficiently flexible to maintain some points of damping for the sudden failure or change. The plan also must include an precise pursuit of the tasks with the purpose of to supervise the yield and to make the necessary changes at the suitable moment. The allocation of a date limit for each task is crucial and to guarantee that it is also fulfilled is important. It remembers that the objectives that we have fixed for every period of time must be practitioners and attainable. To give priority a: In order to avoid to waste time in important tasks little in a while determined, to give priority to the tasks he is very essential. It is always necessary to analyze which is the most important goal in a while determined, and which are the related activities that must be completed to achieve that objective. This automatically will give the flow us of activities that must be followed to complete the tasks.

There is a series of methods used for the priorizacin of tasks. Most common among them it is assigning numbers to each task in the descendent order of priority, as more important task is ” 1″ , one alongside ” 2″ and so on. Another form is the ABC format in which ” A” it is the most important task, ” B” of next and ” C” less important. It is possible to be chosen anyone of these methods and to be prioritized the tasks of a better and easier way. Motivation: The management of the time is only completed when one is motivated to reach the objectives established according to the anticipated thing in the time required. It is not rare to arrive demotivated by the lack at any moment from all the process of management of its good time. Nevertheless, it is in us how to maintain that unit lives. We can assure that, to count checks or to make a cross in the list of daily tasks, it can raise to the moral and the levels of motivation. For us he is even rewarding to secure small landmarks that can help to maintain the concentration everywhere us.