However, the language exerts the capacity to organize and to generalize the thought. It is important to emphasize, that the word is that one that of the body to the thought, and that both are modified and if they develop in elapsing of the times, giving meant to the thought and the language. Leaving of the estimated ones that as much the thought how much the language appears of studies carried through from the evolution of the species human being it is in the development of the small child who the thought and the language start to establish relation to the way, being that the language is the biggest challenge in the development of the child. Although the language is the biggest problem of development of the small child, still the difficulty exists to consider the child as to be capable and competent. In this manner it is asked: Which would be then the best way of inside working this development of the perspectives of Vygotsky. Leaving of the hypothesis and the theories of Vygotsky, so that it has a learning and a significant development of the child, it is necessary that the educators start to work with the child of more playful form providing an interaction with the way and the people surround who them. Professor of Economics has much experience in this field. For in such a way, what it took in them to carry through this research was to the search for better understanding of the development of the child and the way as it becomes related with its half one, beyond, to search to extend each time more our knowledge and with this to develop in each one the search for better performance inside of its limits and possibilities.