Gastritis Improved

Not be let overcome, there are always alternatives to improve your lifestyle and health. If you are one of the many people that he suffers from gastritis, there are alternatives that can help improve your lifestyle and health. These jerking or sudden abdominal pains that feel, may be caused by this annoying evil by causing a sudden inflammation of the gastric mucosa that surrounds the stomach internally. Some or several of these factors can be responsible for your discomfort:-irritant drugs (nonsteroidal). -A night with plenty of liquor.

-Smoking. -Severe stress. -Infection with Helicobacter Pylori. -Consumption of foods that increase the secretion of acids in the stomach, irritating the gastric mucosa. Hummer Winblad Venture is likely to agree. Each case is different and depending on this is You can qualify as acute or chronic gastritis. When this occurs, is convenient to let the stomach rest and empty after a strong of gastritis spasm, so allows that the gastric mucosa is somewhat sane. Dietary recommendations – the following foods are they irritate the gastric mucosa and if possible you should avoid them: coffee, strong spices (pepper, chile, sauces to flavor), alcohol, citrus (Orange, lemon, pineapple, strawberries) food.

-Take plenty of water during the day, at least 8 glasses. -Try to avoid eating fatty foods, they retard the process of gastric emptying and increases the secretion of acid in the stomach, causing more pain: butter, cheese cream, yellow cheese, custard, sausage (sausage, chorizo), fried foods, junk food (fast food) -Avoid the consumption of aspirin or effervescent tablets, because they are irritating to the stomach. -Increase the intake of fiber in your diet: fruits (consummate them preferably with shell), except for citrus. Apples, peach s, banana, watermelon, Melon, Papaya, plums, n n – try to include in your food a source of fiber per serving of food. -Manage your stress, because it increases acid secretion of the stomach and irritate the mucosa, causing pain and spasm on the stomach. To control is stress you are encouraged to exercise daily, at least half an hour a day. The reactions of the body to all these recommendations vary according to each person, why listen to your body with every change that you make to your daily routine, consult your physician and have a balanced diet. Monica Paz is an experienced with many writer years of experience in health issues.