Free Expert Consultation In Wesel

Since September, entrepreneurs in the multi-generation House in Wesel, can let free competently answer your questions relating to business management and marketing. With the two advisers Karin Hambali and Ute Schmeiser, the expert consultation held on every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 9: 00 to 11:00. Every entrepreneur can free consultation personally ask his questions in a 30minutigen and get a competent reply with quick help and tips. Handle in between, this expert consultation to the quick question”. Who does not know that. There are questions, since you don’t know can be who, because they specifically relate to the own company. As a short, crisp response is often sufficient and it progresses. That’s why we offer this consultation.”explains Karin Hambali, consultant.

She takes over the issues relating to the management in this expert duo. Ute Schmeiser is responsible for the area of marketing. Uncertainty especially in the advertising and often there are little things that one quick and inexpensive can optimize. Are ads for me make sense? I need a booklet and why does no one find my website? In my discussions, there are the many small issues that confuse the customers in total and lead to wrong decisions, the money cost.”Ute Schmeiser performs. In the context of this consultation, the two experts offer a free consultation in the form of a personal conversation. Maximum of 30 minutes are planned, an appointment for the internal planning is necessary. The two experts enjoy a rain supply and plan a further consultation in the District of Kleve. Registration is possible at any time online. Ute Schmeiser