Francisco Tomas

(This brief portrayal reflects how was 33 years ago Vargas Llosa who still not dreamed to reach the Nobel Prize deLiteratura) A new book of his already goes there. In it, Varguitas, the scriptwriter, tells us of when did handyman with his Aunt Julia. Sweet passion that Vargas Llosa knows cause in our aunts is humbling. In soft and discreet ladies Lima. In aunts from here.

He is a neat and neat, Lord of whole costume and toothed smile. His machismo has earned say reaching hands with Garcia Marquez. Without hesitation Nigeria explained all about the problem. Before those angry, explained me a day cheerful existing complicity among Latin American writers: various characters enter a bar in a novel by Carlos Fuentes, and the author forgets one that leaves inside. Well well, in one hundred years of solitude, Garcia Marquez does go to its protagonist at that bar, just to get the guy who remained there. Literature. And reality. If I tell that when I met Vargas Llosa he was wearing the codpiece Open, it will seem erotic fabulation.

But it was just carelessness. Now comes, just say it, to know who are those who read me. Then, on the other hand, came from the Lima TV and writer postponed my interview: I’m sorry, old, but the TV is the first thing. (This sketch was originally published on November 17, 1977 in mail Catalan of Barcelona and then compiled in the book: characters from all the life-ENRIQUE ARIAS VEGA.-Center Francisco Tomas y Valiente, UNED Alzira-Valencia.-2007.-pp.