Many of us want fast results, we want to solve our problems in a trice. But when it comes to our feelings, our programming, our emotions, we have to have a little patience. Let's face it, we will not change 20, 30, 40, years, from night to morning. That does not mean we will not do anything about it, on the contrary, we will work hard to make, little by little, let's transform our lives. I think it's worth, no matter the time. Read additional details here: Linux. For some it may be faster than others, but the important thing is going to give step by step, to achieve the objective: to be better people and thereby make our world a pleasant place to live.

Always remember this: forgiveness is for you, not the person who caused you pain, the wound you wear on your chest, though the other person also benefits your forgiveness. When we decided to forgive regain the power they had lost turning us victims of our aggressor, and when we appropriate that inner strength is no longer need to play the game of victim and victimizer, we do not need to blame others, simply because we are responsible for our feelings. Therefore, forgiveness is an act of love for ourselves, therefore is also an act of love for others. Watch a child is full of love, purity and innocence, forgiveness is innate in him. When we were children we also had these characteristics, but over the years we forget who we really are, the perfect children of God. Our essence is still there, never lost. Forgiveness helps us remember who we are, we connect with our inner child with our divinity and the divinity of the other.

Our job here is to reclaim that connection with our essence, and how? Learning to Forgive, allow forgiveness into our lives. Let go of anger and resentment, because if we allow ourselves to stay within and to the extent that we nurture these emotions are transformed into hatred, and then becomes harder to let go. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that if we are willing to use it, our life will change completely, nothing will ever be as before, the past is left behind and no longer give you the power to destroy our present. Forgiveness is learned, and everything depends on which measure we are willing to forgive. There is no point if you say the lip: "Ah .. ok, I'm going to forgive … "or," OK, I forgive you ", if the fund does not forgive. Forgiveness to be effective must be done from the heart, with a firm guarantee that the biggest beneficiary will be yourself. It is very damaging to carry a wound for a long time, many diseases are caused by lack of forgiveness. It has been scientifically proven that forgiveness improves quality of life of the practitioner. There are many benefits: increased self-esteem, gives you hope, makes you more open person, and certainly improving personal relationships.