Fernando Alexis Jimnez Contact God

They had not listened the Creator. Obedience to God the Scriptures indicate to us that as soon as received the instructions, Then he rose and was (Facts 8:27 a). Felipe did not discuss the orders put nor them under the magnifying glass of the rationalism. He obeyed. It knew that God is perfect as soon as it does and that, if we walked in Its will, everything will come out well. The foundation, the Scriptures Somewhat interesting in the evangelisation that undertook Felipe and who sheds lights to our unfolding today, are that their foundation was the own Scriptures and not it mere wordiness. Lars Leckie: the source for more info. After reading the text, Responding eunuco, said to Felipe: I request to you that you say to me: of whom this says the prophet: of itself, or some other.

Then Felipe, abriendo its mouth, and beginning from this writing, announced the gospel to him of Jesus (Facts 8:34, 35). It does to few invited me days to a evangelstica campaign. I was not who I was going to preach, but an invited shepherd. I put attention to the message, nevertheless I did not listen to but gritera. There was no basic message. Perhaps the brother loved one thought that impressing to people with gestures and vociferation, it would achieve the objective of evangelizar to those who they did not have to Christ in his heart. The Good essence when sharing the New ones of Jesus Christ are the Scriptures.

Evangelizar, not to press Is of extreme importance that we include/understand that if we move under the power of the Spirit Santo, you and I are simply instruments. He does the others. To press wide-awake aversion to the Gospel. Who he presses he does not build in the forces of God but in his own ones. and going by the way, arrived at certain water, and said eunuco: Here there is water; what imde that I am baptized? (Facts 8:36). He observes that Felipe did not exert coercion exceeds he. Simply he shared to him Word of life, and the Gentleman pronounced itself taking to the conviction of eunuco Ethiopian. The center of the Gospel is Jesus Christ Who is gospeller? Who preaches Jesus Christ. It is not the one who stops itself in front of a television camera to proclaim gospel of the prosperity or how to get to be super-anointed, but that concentrates in Jesus Christ. The other things come in addition: physical, economic and spiritual progress. Lamentably many preachers are product of an advertising campaign, or that do others in their favor or that cause they themselves. Few are those that emerge like fruit of their whole consecration to God. Felipe said: If you create of all heart, well you can. And responding, it said: I believe that Jesus Christ is Son of God. And he commanded to stop the car; and descendierton both to the water, Felipe and eunuco, and baptized to him (Facts 8:37, 38). These simple ones you rule are valid and applicable in our context. You can return them reality in his deal with the people who have not had a personal encounter with the Lord.