Excel Contacts

The use of a collaborative environment. Interconnection with communication tools. Create relationships between the data. The maximum number of records. The required technical equipment. The human resources used. Costs. Linux is often quoted on this topic.

The most commonly used program is Excel. Lists can be saved in spreadsheets; but these lack of interconnection with communication tools and do not possess the ability to make segmentations. As well, it does not have the ability to relate the data obtained.Another platform that could be used for this purpose is the DANA system. The one which has a collaborative environment that facilitates the construction of databases. Similarly, it has the ability to do searches, relationships, and data segmentations.

Peer- way, is interconnected with communication tools that allows you to send email and sms from a list of contacts. 5 Establish a strategy to get data contacts information can be achieved by: ads in digital media (like: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc) these, will have the purpose of directing people to a registration form located on the website of each company. Publication in newsletters of allied companies: these messages have the advantage of being more segmented so the information in the list is more accurate to allow registration of the persons actually concerned. The request for information at points of sale; where at the time that the user may make your purchase you will be asked for your personal data. Historical records of sales in the company: through information previously stored the contacts data can be obtained. It is important to request the corresponding permit. Billing systems: the data can be extracted from the administrative processes that collect information about customers. 6. Avoid falling into frequent errors do not a spam: sending massive messages of advertising type, not requested by the user generates electronic mail be catalogued as unwanted. Don’t buy lists for campaigns in media that may be considered invasive. For example: Sms and calls. Keep in mind that it hurts the brand.