Electric Cars

These days many people are seriously considering converting their cars working with gasoline to electric. Tony D. Bartel can provide more clarity in the matter. This is not surprising since gasoline prices have reached a historical price. The average family in America has more than one car at home, so keep these cars becomes more expensive each day that passes, this situation is worse turna by the inefficiency of the internal combustion engine. Is there any practical way in which the costs of maintaining may reduce a car? A very viable solution would be to adopt the concept of the electric car, since a new electric car is relatively expensive, many enthusiasts of cars are transforming their gasoline to electric cars themselves. What is the science behind the conversion of a gasoline car to electric? This article will give you useful information on the subject. The conversion process requires to remove the internal combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor. As the engine no longer It is, components associated with this as the gas tank, fuel distribution lines and radiator may be removed existing drive transmission and the clutch can still use, to generate power, the electric motor is acceded to transmission.

To provide the required electrical power engine, used a series of deep cycle (about 20) batteries. With fully charged batteries will give the engine the ability to travel approximately 200 Km depending on the total weight of the car, driving conditions and the speed of the car. Due to this mileage per charge, an electric cart is recommended for not very long distances as handled in your city or in the field. If it is considered an enthusiast of cars and would like to enjoy the benefits that brings to use an electric cart, why not do a conversion in their garage or backyard project? Put the pieces in place is not so complicated, all you need are some tools Basic, an area where work, a guide step by step conversion and patience.