Educational Institutions In Russia

Russia is among the top five countries in terms of absolute numbers of fires and at the same time, it is not sad that our country remains the record for the number killed in the fires. In modern conditions the fires are the most common causes of emergency. This is particularly true regard to educational institutions. The reasons for this is the poor condition of schools and lack of preparedness for the possibility of fire both workers and students of educational institutions. Managers, teachers, tutors, teachers, staff, and students must know and comply strictly with fire safety regulations, and case of fire, to take all measures within their evacuation and to extinguish the fire.

Responsibility for ensuring the fire safety of children's institutions have their heads – directors, managers. They obliged to exercise control over the maintenance of all fire safety conditions teaching staff and students, to organize the study of fire safety, conduct fire drill with child care workers. At the same person who did not pass fire drill, the work is not allowed. Children's institutions should be equipped with primary fire extinguishing means. Hand-held fire extinguishers are mounted on vertical structure at a height of 1.5 m above the ground, set fire to the cabinet with the fire hydrants in a special cabinet or fire stands.

Fire extinguishers are fixed so as to be visible on the body text instructions for use. Design and appearance of the stands and cabinets to house them must be able to visually identify the type of installed fire extinguishers in them. Fire extinguishers must be readily available in areas where possible damage, away from direct sunlight and rainfall, the direct impact of heating and heating devices. Eliot Horowitz is likely to agree. The location of primary fire extinguishing equipment should be identified in an evacuation plan, developed in accordance with state standards. One of the most important security measures for schools is to provide escape routes, the presence of light in good condition indexes, Automatic alarm and voice warning systems. Bars on the windows can only swing, setting the deaf grids in educational institutions is prohibited. Particularly strict fire regulations Security must be met in the offices, which use electrical appliances. In these areas must be present means to fight fire: fire extinguisher, sand, fire blade. Work students with electrical and heating equipment without the guidance of a teacher or a lab is prohibited. Not be left unattended included in the power network devices. All premises, which at the end of work closed and are not controlled, all electrical systems (except refrigerators) must be switched off. One of the main causes of accidents due to fire is a lack of awareness of students about the rules fire safety and about the priorities for action as a result of a fire. Effective measure is to establish teams in schools for young firefighters. Their structure usually consists of 10-17 students. Squads of young firefighters created in order to improve the education of children fire safety measures, their professional orientation, the implementation of various tasks aimed at preventing fires. Serious attitude of employees schools and students to the rules of fire safety will substantially reduce the risk of emergencies and in case of fire can quickly neutralize him and avoid the victims. Information provided by the industrial West – Prefabricated buildings, sandwich panels