It is common nowadays to see the parents adding in its lists of enxoval of the future son, a series of toys, CDs, DVDs, among others item, however what it cannot be faced as common, it is this anxiety in speeding up the infantile performance. This ' ' adultificao' ' of the children she must be dosed and the child will have to be remembered as child. Valley the penalty to designate that the infantile development, in such a way emotional how much cognitivo, it happens through constant experiences proportionate for the parents or created by the proper children. It is through the playful experience, playing, that the child interacts with the people to its redor and with the world that if inserts. The child is interested in discovering as the world functions, and therefore it invents tricks, it mounts and it disassembles toys.

However, the parents must function as ego auxiliary of its children, assisting to understand them to it the functioning of this world. The discovery will have to be made by the baixinhos, but the simple natural exchange between parents and children, already of the beginning to maturacional process of the child. In the day the day, the child leaves indications of as she wants to play, therefore remains the adult to hear this order and to make use itself of time to take care of of this. Playing helps to constitute a language, beyond developing the coordination and the reasoning. It is common to see girls balancing dolls as if they sang to sleep a baby, through a process of copy of the adults who know. This process of ' ' cpia' ' also it happens with the boys, and it is this process that allows the children to elaborate and to assimilate emotions.

The therapeutical process with children does not run away to this rule. Through the ludoterapia, the therapist offers for the child elements of its familiar, social and cultural dynamics. Valley the penalty to remember that also influence of the environment exists, and not only familiar influences. The relationship with the friends, the knowledge acquired in the school and the lived experiences, also the child is decisive in the definition of who is. Had to this, she can yourself to understand the importance of the limits of the infantile constitution. A good example of this is the television. It is observed that the television comes more gaining to each day and baixinhos admirers of its contents, however still has parents that they admit that its children make its choices front to the television. It is necessary to also consider those parents whom they opt in making the choice of the canals for its children, however still is clearly that it does not have control front the propagated advertising, no matter how hard the canal is dedicated only to the children. Nor toy always spread for the house is signal of clutter, being able to be also, signal of a long and precious process of learning. When perceiving this, follows a tip: what such if we passed more time in the playful context of our children?