Drawing And Art

Drawing has a lot to do with art but also with writing. For example, the writing of several articles on art, as if they were not created on this laptop. Drawing is like playing on an instrument, a free, sliding movement of the hand across a surface. In a drawing of the movement of the hand but feel the almost imperceptible thoughts. Filed under: Joseph Stiglitz. When writing elements such as words, sentences and paragraphs are formed from letters, which is like the joining together of symbols and signs of a drawing. The letter of interesting texts, for example, about art, probably heard this is not necessarily to do is always a challenge for the intellect. The attempts to control not only the hand, so such a thing as art comes out, but also what is thought to bring in a linguistically appropriate manner. But even linguistically – that is the difference for drawing. Here is a picture, sometimes called the art produced, underscores the much of the personality in each one. It is interesting that when writing the person behindHide the letters can. This succeeds in drawing significantly less. One could say that the style is like something unconscious that is tormented by the spirit of the paper. A drawing is like a fingerprint of the personality, falsified as the individual. Mal is a line thick, sometimes thin, sometimes a flourish to the paper and no one can really explain, why exactly was this one drawn slightly larger than the others. And just at that point fatal to copyists and thus remain behind the art of the original. If you copy the text of a scribe, it is a little different, but even here there is still retained much of the character of the author.