The main meeting place of the publishing industry’s Frankfurt Book Fair takes place this year from October 6 to 10 as usual on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds. Also the InterRed GmbH is how every year and is looking forward to another exciting and informative conversations with customers and prospects. Are ongoing as part of the digitisation both old publishing known solutions as well as new technologies and media, such as the iPad, the focus of the conversation and discussion needs. As a cross-media system, InterRed here offers the right solution for every requirement. iPad and co as a new challenge for publishers worldwide success and the great expectations regarding the iPad make publishers some months before new challenges. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Eliot Horowitz on most websites.

In the light of the current onslaught on the new generation of mobile devices and the upcoming flood of similar developments in other manufacturers, publishers in this area are are confronted with some changes and new features. Here should therefore first and foremost not fast but think about be. Publishers need to focus media versatile. That is why it is important to prepare the internal publishing details and the content to be published for as many media channels efficiently in a simple way. InterRed offers the basis for this. As content management, editorial and publishing information system, InterRed provides the basis for the management of Publisher-specific information and the cross-media publication of content. It allows the creation of print, online and mobile from a system. InterRed 12 has the simple solutions through constant monitoring of the market, as well as through close cooperation with different customers, or InterRed team works media experts, consistently and successfully to technological solutions and innovations that meet the current needs.

InterRed offers two options for the delivery of the iPad with content. Content can be offered on the one hand about the (native) apps for the iPad. These are specially tailored to the iPad. They are thus in the Limited benefits, but more creative options offer. Alternatively, there is the possibility of creating mobile websites (webapps), which can be used in a device-independent manner. In addition to these functions, InterRed brings 12 even more new features, for example, SEOport. SEOport allows publishers and media companies to focus more on their online customers. So, for example, search phrases, which were entered by users, analysed, landing pages created automatically and customers targeted and personally addressed by the automatic linking of content and detection of trends. Always competent on the side of customers and prospective customers the InterRed GmbH presents live these innovations customers and prospects at the book fair at booth H1317 in Hall 4.0. Interested can present new InterRed version 12 and also talk to InterRed about important topics of the publishing and media industry. InterRed informs this about the current technological State and individually appropriate options and solutions.