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The ISOC thesaurus of Psychology thesaurus monolingual in Spanish, developed by the Centre for scientific information and documentation (CINDOC) of the Council Superior of Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC). As explained in the introduction of the thesaurus, filtration of elaboration consisted of three phases. The terms were collected in the first and were awarded to the various thematic families established a priori from the semantic fields that includes the thesaurus. Awarded each term a particular field or category and were grouped in subcategories. In the second phase was carried out the final selection of terms, as well as the establishment of relations of equivalence and hierarchy, based on the consultation of external specialists. Associative relations were established in the third stage.

It explicitly clarifies that for the structuring of the thesaurus follow the guidelines of the standard UNE 50-106-90. The thesaurus, then, consists of a set of descriptors and non-descriptors terms, and a system You derelaciones that they define its semantic content (hierarchical, associative and equivalency relationships). Thesaurus expressly avoids the poly hierarchy and assigns a single generic term to each descriptor. This is an option of the creators of the thesaurus, but if we take into account that they also explicit that the conceptual structure of the thesaurus make based on facets, by the nature of the facetacion itself itself there are terms that can be assigned to more than one facet. The proposed solution is to assign it to a large category without subordinating it to a generic term in particular and forgo him associative relations in different possible contexts. Although it is an ingenious solution, we must question the rationality and adequacy of the resulting conceptual structure, therefore if the thesaurus in question is used for searches or expansion as a way to familiarize yourself with a field of particular knowledge, do not would be giving incomplete guidelines and therefore not fulfilling one of its functions for excellence? as a documentary tool?.