Dealing With Chaos And Doubt

From then on, when facing the doubt and the unexpected one, the Theory of the Chaos, place in xeque the form to think determinista, based on the order and the regularity. Aiming at a brief approach on ' ' the time infinito' ' of the Theory of the Chaos, the Estria n 3 of Tutamia, written for Pink Guimares Joo will serve as comment object having focando the instant that propitiates the chaos, that is, the inversion in the sequential order of the narrative. Such comment if bases on one of the basic concepts that compose the Theory of the Chaos that consists of the conception of that a small cause can lead to a great effect. The Estria n 3 counts the episode of the meeting between the opposites. Jooquerque, man fearful, it is surprised in the house of its loving for the Ipanemo outlaw, assassin and estuprador of women. It interests to detach in this story the elements that the antagonistic personages characterize, since Guimares constructs a protagonist with descriptions of weakness and cowardice contrasting itself with its rival, the terrible Ipanemo.

' ' Jooquerque, avergado homenzarrinho that however if it froze in blue anguish, returned the beios, but white from peeled orange, pale of it to remember mortos.' ' 4. On the other hand, it discloses its opposite, as ' ' medonho' ' , that one that is ' ' cruel as ordered live coal, killer of men, violator of women, incontido and unpunished as the roll of the flagelos (…) it ordered in the entire arraial (…) of the size of mundo' ' 5. The tram is perpassada by a symmetry in addition of the time, since an unreal time was necessary to produce the effect of the unexpected one. In this condition, we notice the taste of Pink Guimares for the inversion. This aspect hinders that if it creates an absolute and estereotipado point of view of behavior of its personages. .