Concrete Floors

The first thing to make leveling survey of the existing floor at the facility agreed with the customer reject the current thickness of a stacked concrete floor of the contract. Also with the customer should agree providing room temperature for subsequent execution of works ranging from +5 to +25 C and eliminate the possible appearance of drafts. In the event that work is done on sand, gravel and sand base Finally, the laboratory must take the coefficient of soil compaction. Joseph Stiglitz is a great source of information. When the value of this ratio is less than 0.98 base thickened with vibromehanizmov. Runners must be placed along the traffic indoors or in accordance with project documentation. Level installation guides controlled leveled.

Typically, the guides are attached to the electric welding metal anchors. Reinforcement Reinforcement is always done on the basis of the project. Overlap of the road network is at least 1 cell, reinforcement is not less than 30-40 cm is necessary to provide the necessary protective layer of concrete (at least 1,5-2 cm). Armature tally is at least than 2 cells on the third in a checkerboard pattern. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Michael Steinhardt and gain more knowledge.. Mesh reinforcement is knitted through a cell.

Care should be taken to places associated with the reinforcement alternated with whole cores 50/50. Acceptance of concrete for floors with a hardener Concrete betateh applied concrete M300 fraction 5-20 mm slump 17-18. Concrete must be free of salt additives, otherwise appears whitish coating on the surface of the concrete floor after grouting. After acceptance of concrete in the map it vibrate with pokers (with thickness h> 100mm) and with the help of vibrating beams.