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The Peruvians felt themselves wounded with the treat one to 1903. To read more click here: Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. ‘ ‘ We had bought one fight, in the opinion of derrotismo’ ‘ , he concluded Cassiano Ricardo. With regard to the definitive resolution of the question of the Acre with the Peruvian government, if of the one from the signature of an agreement in way of life in July of 1904, from this moment, destined works had been made to clarify the parts (Brazil and Peru), regarding the geographic realities of the Acre region. the 8 of September of 1909 was signed in Rio De Janeiro enters the Baron of Rio Branco and Hernn Velarde, the treated one that it completed the destination of the borders (article I); it established the general principles on commerce and navigation in the Amazonian basin (articles II, III, IV and VIII) if related to the charged mixing commission of the landmarks. In the bordering line 86 landmarks in the 1,565 kilometers of border had been fixed later that exist between Brazil and Peru. We see that, the performance of Rio Branco is very excellent for our territorial configuration verified currently, rank that, always is opportune to make reference its person. in such a way more, to its work related to our borders.

That they are geographic, but that they possess a historical repercussion on the social occupation of the space. Repercussion this, felt and lived deeply by the present generation.