Classic Barbell Exercises

To perform all the exercises set the bar on the platform parallel to the face of his party. Exercise is considered complete when the bar is raised up and the hand (hand) athlete in the elbows straight. Linux: the source for more info. Legs and torso athlete must be at the same straight, feet apart in the parties from one another by no more than 40 cm, toes should be on one line. MongoDB often addresses the matter in his writings. In this position, the bar is held motionless athlete for two seconds. Drop the bar down only after the command of the senior judge “lower”.

Exercise should be done in the dais within the defined rate. In the event a party outside of the platform, or even if the athlete cross the boundaries of the platform with one leg exercise is implemented. At the end of exercise rod should be gently lowered onto the platform. If it is not performing the exercises the athlete must make every effort not to leave the bar and drop it. For throwing rods senior judge on the platform makes the party a warning when re-roll and notify the chief judge, who has the right to withdraw the participant from the competition. If you performing the exercises included in the program of events, the bar will be raised above the knees is not an athlete, then in the presence of serviceable equipment an athlete, not leaving the area where the competition is held, must re-start exercise.

To prepare participants to perform exercises given three minutes. Time is counted from the time the call party’s platform. At the end of each minute since the party’s call Judge speaker announces “a minute “,” two minutes “, and after three minutes if the participant absenteeism Judge timekeeper will call” time “, after which the participant is disqualified from this approach and he scored an” attempt. ” Correct at the bar competition, both before and after exercise participants competitions are only entitled to: a) the judge assistants, and b) next competitor, and c) a judge at parties. Insurance during competition is prohibited. The correctness of the exercises is determined by a majority vote of the judges: Chief Judge and two side referees. Applications for initial weight participants make an oral competition at weighing. Statements the weight can be perezayavlen only in the direction of its increase. Before calling party’s platform. To determine the priority of the call participants on the panel of judges conducts platform during weighing, or just prior competition draw in the presence of team representatives. The first stage goes to the athlete who begins to compete with lower weight, and in the case of equal initial weight – according to the established list of casting of lots. For two athletes serving in the individual competition in the latest exercises and declared the same initial weight, carried an additional draw. In this case, the participant, who started the competition, according to the draw first in one exercise, the next exercise (with the same initial weight) is called to the platform second. In the case of equal initial weight of these two athletes in the third exercise is carried out for these additional toss. The last two draw shall judge for participating in the presence of interested parties. In the team event is held the first draw between the teams for each weight category separately. Weightlifting Competition Rules 1953.