Cilento Olive

So, the fruits are not damaged and there is no acid formed what would reduce the quality of the oil. This way of manufacturing guarantees the pure and refined taste of the Olio extra virgin di Oliva”. After about eineinhalbstundiger entertaining and informative visit, guests can taste the excellent oil by Franco Perazzo itself and get even a bottle of homemade limoncello on the way. Dates the guides in German language with subsequent tasting take place every Tuesday morning from 10: 00 and every Thursday afternoon from 15: 00 from May 21 until October 26, 2013. The cost per person is 15 euros. The participation is free of charge for children. For more information see: der-cilento/regionale-kueche-dieta-mediterranea/bio-cilento/besichtigungen.html healthy and vital by olive oil in the Cilento cuisine olive oil promised already in ancient times, to prolong life. Decades of research have now convincingly demonstrated that the intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which occur in olive oil, cholesterol levels entail a reduction in blood pressure, as well as the fragility of Heart disease is minimized.

In addition, studies show the health-promoting effect on the stomach and liver, as well as the positive impact on the growth of children. In addition to the preparation of many Cilento delicacies, such as for example Caprese Pisciotta type or artichokes stuffed with tuna olive oil with its gustatory diversity can enhance virtually every dish. Cilentano recipe tips from the southern Italian kitchen of Cilento offers a varied cuisine. With the “Cilentano recipes” our colleague Barbara Poggi presents every two weeks a new delicious dish from the southern Italian cuisine based on olive oil. The spaghetti is a classic in the Cilento con le alici”(spaghetti with anchovies). This Court No Cilento – Traveler passes over. The recipe was submitted by the restaurant Angiolina in Marina di Pisciotta (Cilento). Also, the calamari ripieni are a treat for the palate”(stuffed calamari).