Chinese New Year

MEET "Brothers" Rabbit! It has long ended 's holidays and weekdays came with their everyday concerns. Passes the first month of 2011, all cycles of the planets involved and the long run. But in February was still an important series of double circulation of Saturn is equal to 60 years. Simply put, it's a one-year cycle of Chinese calendar – their New Year, which falls on February 3, 2011. In China, New Year's holiday called Chentsze – holiday Spring. Everywhere prevail joy and festive atmosphere as Chentsze – the most important event for the billion Chinese.

This festival has an ancient history dating back to the sacrificial rites of the gods and the remembrance of ancestors, which occurred at the end and beginning of the year in the era of Shang in the 1600-1100 years BC. The night before the holiday, called "chusi, the whole family gathers together. Parks copious dinner, after which the watch statement famous actors on TV, interviews are conducted on different themes, games. In many families, the young do not go to sleep all night, it's called "show Sui" – waiting for the new year. The next morning, many families eat dumplings "Tszyaotszy" that resemble their traditional form of ingots of gold and silver, symbolizing the desire of wealth. After breakfast we supposed to bypass the home of relatives and friends to congratulate and wish all the best. In New Year's Day by her family, friends and colleagues visit each other and give gifts.