Business Advisory

The candidate knows the hidden value of money when it is engaged to serve. Seeks nothing for himself except that which can prepare you for the work to be done considering the money and so that this can be purchased as something that should be used for others and a means to carry out the Master Plans as he perceives a common definition of Dharma says that is fidelity to the rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do, and do unto others what you do not want.” Treat each person as yourself. See Gamestop for more details and insights. This means you must have faith in you and only then may take it in others. Are to be respected yourself and respect their neighbors. Selfishness is the measure of altruism. Mankind is one community, they hurt you and hurt everyone. If you help a man standing upright, this act also makes them stand upright.

The treatment that they wish that others give, is the measure of his attitude towards them The Dharma is not a matter of time or space to be modified and adjusted to the needs and pressures of the moment. Means a number of fundamental principles that should guide humanity in its progress towards inner harmony and outer peace. When man deviates from the dharma, faces even more serious ills that physical slavery. These rules (the dharma) are said eternal because their origins can not be defined and its author is not identifiable, are revelations made to the enlightened minds of impartial wise, are basic and eternal not represent temporary cravings. The Dharma is the code of conduct that promotes the ideal for every stage of human life: as an apprentice, head of the family, provider, master, servant, aspirant quitter, and so on. When this code distorts and undermines their human existence on earth, forgetting the high purpose for which it has come, the Lord incarnates and takes the right path, that is, comes as a man to restore the principles and return to practice Dharma. ” The temptation to ignore the Dharma arises from selfishness and the acceptance of false values. The desire to satisfy the lower desires is the root of adharma.

These desires take possession of you stealthily, like thieves in the night, or as a partner who has come to save them, or as a servant who comes to serve, or a counselor who comes to warn .. The desire to open a rift in their consciousness, then goes and sets, multiply and corrodes the personality that have been developed with such painstaking care. The force is no longer under his control have been reduced to puppets manipulated by internal enemies. And when dealing with these enemies undermine their efforts and you have to start all over again.