British Airways

Other European airlines also canceled Air France has followed the example of Iberia, and cancelled all flights to the East coast of the United States planned for this Saturday and Sunday, as well as those who had to take off from JFK airport in New York City. They have also suspended flights to Washington, but not the destined for Boston, while the situation tomorrow will reverse for these two locations, in regards to Air France flights. On the other hand, the German Lufthansa, the biggest European company, has opted to cancel numerous flights, as all that contained this Saturday to New York, while Sunday will be affected that had as target Boston or Philadelphia, but will not be affected which are directed at Washington. It is a similar case to the British Airways, which has not detailed how many are the cancelled flights, but he explained that the decision to suspend these services is due to the forecasted impact that will have the storm and said that the airline will constantly review the evolution of the hurricane. Having as destination the JFK airport in New York and Newark will be particularly affected. BA urged passengers to check the website of the airline where you will find the latest information on the matter and requested to travellers whose flights have been cancelled does not move to the airport. Those passengers can request a full refund or book another flight at a later date, said the company. British Airways will also allow their customers with flights provided from or to this American coastal cities can change reservations where their flights are scheduled between 25 and 30 August. Source of the news: New York City will not receive aircraft by Irene and European companies canceled their flights