Brazilian Southeast

The waste of this chain if of the one by means of precipitations gradually more frequent and intense. The planet Land never was a safe place to the life – bigger part of the species already disappeared. The human being seems to want to speed up this process and it does not have future for it if it will not have balance in its relation with the nature. Scientists have alerted happen frequently suffer the gradual gravity from the extreme events provoked by climatic changes, as rains, droughts, fires and snowstorms of unknown radicalidade. Exactly thus, most of the authorities of the globe faces these disasters as episdicos, bonanza phenomena without the increasing gravity, what esbugalha the vision of the society each time better informed. The ambitions, the arrogance and the irresponsibility human being unbalance the habitat.

a different duel, almost always looser for the forces of the nature, with tracks of the fragility human being spread by all the cantos. In Brazil the public power is imcompetent person to execute writ of prevention and of remediation in the area of the civil defense, because the necessary equipment of the agencies of protection to its never prioritized a formation of managers nor citizens. Unhappyly, he comes across yourself every year with same mantra: ragged excuses where the guilt always falls again on the rain excess. Intense rains in the Brazilian Southeast that happen in the months of intense heat enter the October months and March they occur due to a called phenomenon Zone of Convergence of the South Atlantic. It is a concentration of hot and humid air mass of long permanence – it can be up to five days in a region. It is dislocated from the south of the Amaznia, passes for the Center-West and it arrives at the Southeast, where if it finds with another mass of humidity proceeding from the South Atlantic.