Boris Krieger

Especially happy to find a good, intelligent book, acquainted with the work interesting, original contemporary writer and philosopher. Nowadays, solid animation, comics, Telemachus, flooded almost all the cultural space, lazy readers eager to "strawberry", the meeting with a real Literature, as books by Boris Krieger, – this is truly a miracle. And always – a holiday. Boris Krieger much is given. And he is well aware. That is why the writer lives, works and works on the principle of "to whom much is given – with the addition much demand. " Boris Krieger refers to himself with irony, to the world – a bit condescending, forgiving his weakness, and people (who want and are willing to listen to) says very important things about themselves and about life: "All the time we rush about in life as a handful of ants, which have thrown on unfamiliar picnic table "(" A Thousand Lives "). Let's examine a couple of works of the philosopher.

Because the main idea they still overlap, flow from one book to another and evolve. Thus, the "kitchen philosophy. A treatise on the right zhizneprovedenii "samoroman" thousands of lives. Ode to the crisis coming of age "novel and a joke," Maskin "(the first part of the Novels Maskine). "Why do you should spend a minute of your precious gold on sorting out my life with bukovok zapyatochkami? You're the last generation that can still be read! I do not mean the inscriptions on the walls, I mean reading the works longer than the fine for parking in a prohibited place.