Best Restaurants

Restaurant – this is the place where we can hold corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or to invite a loved one here for a romantic dinner. When visiting each restaurant, we appreciate not only taste the quality of our selected dishes, but also the culture of maintenance and design of the restaurant. Many restaurants and cafes in central Moscow undoubtedly be considered the best in the capital. Their calling card – a harmonious combination refinement, the best traditions, sumptuous furnishings, diversity and richness of food, identity, and the highest level of service. (A valuable related resource: Linus Torvald). Whichever restaurant CAO did not choose the guest, he was always waiting for an unforgettable journey through the best cuisines of the world, the magical flavors and pleasant music, the atmosphere of celebration of life. Center of Moscow – a perfect place for business meetings and negotiations, and for recreation, walks, romantic dates, excursions, creative inspiration.

Walking along the Arbat, look in the restaurant with a hundred years of history 'Prague'! Ambassador's Room, King's Hall, The Brazilian Room, Japanese Room, European Hall, East Hall, Room Moscow, the Kremlin hall, Arbat Street Night Club – pick any, enjoy all the splendor of this restaurant! You will win a unique and exclusive dishes from around the world, hot show, performances of pop stars. The Red Square is best to complete in Restaurant 'The Kremlin'. Set in a comfortable chair, you can smoke a hookah, enjoy the music, lights candles and of course the most delicious dishes. The best restaurant of Russian cuisine of the author 'Sir' invites you to feast on the whole world.