Armenian Aramaic

PRESTIGE: – Armand as having Armenian letters? Arman Revazian: – I will be neither the first nor the last to refute the opinion of academics that the alphabet to Mashtots Armenian people have been deprived of pleasure to have their own alphabet. Today, gathered as many facts that continue to talk about it just besmyslenno. The Armenian alphabet, as well as a list of numbers and existed long before Mashtots and continue to deny it means for some specific reasons, simply do not want to see the obvious. Literature on this topic abound. The situation is different, the difference in approaches as to what are this script ..

I am personally convinced that the pre-Christian Armenian the alphabet was the fact that the Aramaic alphabet is called … Moreover, the same Aramaic alphabet indicate their affiliation with the Armenian language and, moreover, there is a strict system for constructing sentences that I call system 32, for the simple reason that any number of contextual drafted from 4 to 8 rows of consonants in each. Without knowledge of the system can not properly read the inscription written by none “Aramaic” in the alphabet Armenian territory. P.: – In the formative stages of American English an ignorant American, changed the word for the digit 4, and then came over, which resulted in many names were written in abbreviated form. In ancient times there was no general figures 3, 6, 9, were obtained only by multiplying the numbers 5 and 10, and in Egypt, the numbers are replaced by .