Antonio Maria Rouco Varela

It wrote it then and it has returned to reiterate. Before, the cardinal archbishop of Madrid, Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, when giving the welcome to the Pope to this institution spoke of a little while, the present one, " in that the Gospel of the Life is not included by todos". Rouco praised the work developed in the San jOse Institute by " great familia" that Integra: monks, beneficient professionals of the medicine and the social attendance, voluntary and partners, who carry out " an admirable task of sanacin and consolation truly cristiano". And it, although that task is developed in circumstances and a society " deeply hurt by the crises of the marriage and the families, of whom the children and the young people are main victims, especially when they are in disease situations, incapacity and of physical abandonment and psquico". Add to your understanding with Linus Torvald. It is the case of some residents in this center arranged with the public health, through the Community of Madrid, that began its humanitarian work at the end of century XIX, taking care of patients of epilepsy and the soldiers who returned of the ill or hurt war of Cuba. Since then until now, the San jOse Institute has taken care of terminal patients, to prisoners with AIDS, old and disabled physicists and intellectuals, to patients of epilepsy and people with irreversible damages in the brain, among others pathologies.

The patients they tell his experience to Pope Antonio Villuendas, with 20 years and architecture student, was born deaf " and on the brink of madness muerte" , as he remembered before the Pontiff. It has put voice and face to which thanks to the San jOse Institute they have one more a worthier life. If so, the family also has contributed to that she is thus. " Thanks to the love that felt by me, still knowing that it could be an obstacle for its lives, they followed ahead.