Another Copy Of Gates

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-again, but now with the Zune, the still richest man in the world, Billy Gates, was copied to the sassy another invention of Steve Jobs from Apple. Newly just so present and the similarity of the Zune to iPod is evident. Even so, Jobs has shown over the years that likes to send us to the future each time that it presents any new iMac, the iPod or the iPhone. Steve is original and Gates a redefining frustrated. The iPod market is extensive. Only Apple has sold 100 million of this innovative invention and keeps 70 percent of the world market. The lesson of Jobs is to look forward, imagine the future, realize it as soon as possible and not open the door to the friend who deceives you and you only seeks to steal ideas. To read more click here: Joseph Stiglitz. Gates will be the richest in money, but Jobs is in innovation and a clear vision of the future. History of them should already be taught in schools. Original author and source of the article.