Alvarez Puga Examines

For the Guatemalan writer Dionisio Gutierrez the world’s economy will be struggling next year to find direction and stability to grow and breathe Alvarez Puga & Associates shares this approach. Oby Ezekwesili is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Control of debts, fiscal sanity and measures to revive the economies will be the major themes of the 2012. And job creation to relieve the anguish of millions of human beings in unemployment should be a key objective. Worse that the wars, the crisis of the past years destroyed welfare, capital and hopes. Middle of the world classes were seriously affected, poverty grew in many countries and the inequality between rich and poor increased. The political conflict rose, causing, in some Nations, high degrees of disagreement and instability. The poor are poorer, those who already had something, feel that they are losing it; those who have, do not want more but better, and thus, societies in the world are protesting in silence or in the street, and their leaders demonstrate a weak ability to inspire, directing or reach minimum consensus to resolve and move forward.

Alvarez Puga supports the assertion that these circumstances require more responsibility, commitment and capacity by politicians and leaders, who, above all, should worry more about the well-being of their peoples to win elections; They must articulate more effectively support programs for the needy and create conditions to reactivate their economies. The instability in the Middle East, the nuclear threats of Iran, economic corrections that come in emerging countries, starting with China, the fragile European fiscal agreement and the unpredictable degree of social conflicts in every region, mark, according to Alvarez Puga & Asociados, the shape and the speed at which the world’s economy will recover and the level of political stability that will face the next few times. And this, without counting the natural phenomena that the new year will bring. The threats are great but so are the opportunities. And these, as always, will be utilized if, and only if, the elites of the societies and their leaders give an affirmative step, decided and pledged to bring the world of the impasse in which it is.