Alianza Lima Chronicle

He ran the ball on camerin, people to queue, the relentless Sun smiled, people accommodated in the seats, seats, in cement, the boxes smelled food, commentators cleaned microphones, cameras aseaban your glasses, young men and women talked time progressed. Players began to arrive, entered the dressing rooms amid cheers and applause, smiled, rise their hands and the Chimpunes encogian their toperoles. People kept entering the Colossus, seats were occupied, bars shouted, the bustle, the bands, balloons, serpentine earned the air in search of glory. It started to run the ball, it went from one side to another, the spherical being chased by many sweaty legs, he preferred the sides, the corner, bow shots, tired players shouted, arengaban, complacent referee stopped action, allowed the slowness, the minutes passed and the goal did not arrive. Bars and the singing ceased, the Colossus Saramago, went to the discount. They returned fresh, in the gallery we thought would improve, they would put eggs, claw and desire, but the ball grew tired of going from one side to another without reaching networks, tired the referee to stop the game, tired coach yelling, the ballplayers play tired, encourage fans grew tired, ran the ball from one side to another and in the midst of the confusionthe reluctance, apathy, a friend ball leg pushed her towards the same area and became the goal of Chileans .ni this believed it held it as if they had won the UEFA final, but won, the ball slept quiet, sad faces always went to their homes, in revenge didn’t see the evening newscasts, or bought newspapers the next day, the sages of the sport began to cross the numbers, to diagram curves and lucubrate theorems to see if in the rematch, the beanbag that nested networks enemy course!, it was possible, although in another country, they will not bar, there will be no cheers in favour but against, there will be no streamers or balloons in the colors of his team, there will be blunders when they appear in the gramado, the referee will be severe with them, ball will be foreign, it will run the ball so sweaty legs of the grones not dominate it, the ball will run to nest in the arc defended by Harold what a pity!, but well, so did in Limabetter by what they did in Matute, how can play as well as? played cold, aneticos, listlessly, without ideas, without joy! do are crazy or that?.! History will say its last word..