Alcohol Problems

And there you see, there are tensions in family relationships. Moreover, we have not taken such trouble to talk about and so many Men hide their intimate "scabs." Even from family! And, it's even more, exacerbating their urological problems. Causes of prostate problems – the most diverse. You may want to visit Lars Leckie to increase your knowledge. Starting from the stagnation in the pelvic organs to introduction of infection, usually from the urethra (for gonorrhea, urethritis), rarely as a complication of common infections – flu, sore throats. On prostate health negatively affects hypothermia, impaired sexual activity (in Most of her unsystematic). Alcohol abuse also can lead a man kzabolevaniyam prostate – prostatitis, ie inflammation of the prostate. And if, in this case, a man takes no measures for the activation of the prostate (sometimes he should just normalize your sex life), prostatitis may become chronic. Statistics confirm that chronic prostatitis occurs in 30-75% Men! The consequences of such carelessness can be very severe.

May spread to surrounding organs and tissues, the occurrence of sepsis, and worst of all evils – impaired function of sex organs: impotence, infertility, prostate cancer. And now the most interesting. Taking into account the latest scientific research we can conclude that all these problems with the prostate gland can be avoided, however, if regularly preventive prostate massage. This is especially true of men of advanced age, when our body begins to age and risk of prostate cancer are greatly increased. One of the reasons – inadequate physical activity. This age factor contributing to reduced blood supply to the pelvis, weakening of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and diaphragm, and progressive weakness of the pelvic bottom lead to stagnation and serious complications in the prostate gland.