African Lakes

European area: Enjoy a stroll among the Swans swimming gentle in the European lagoon, while tapping the bellows of the male of red deer which proclaims the leadership of the herd. To the side, white, black fallow deer and strawberries beautify the place. Stands out due to the constructions that transport the visitor to the old continent and serve as a refuge for animals: Scottish castle, the home of the Swiss Alps and the Spanish mill. The landscape is completed with the restaurant’s German architecture. Aquarius: Dive into the depths to discover the world beneath the surface of the waters.

While seahorses lie coral, threaded with its tail, the nurse shark between round to short distance and piranhas, always vigilant, waiting for any prey. The country’s largest aquarium has with 40 exhibitors and around 1,500 copies of 140 species of fish, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles. The represented ecosystems include the Amazon basin, the great African Lakes, coral reefs, the Chilean coast and mangrove. Nocturama: Let yourself be enveloped in the darkness of the night for get to know some of its mysterious inhabitants. Owls and barn owls fly quiet to surprise their prey and ferrets run through the tunnels of your home Gallery, at the time that Earth urchins run tireless among leaf litter. Prior to joining the Nocturama some getting the view to observe the 12 species that inhabit it.

Inside the building, the day and night are reversed through special lighting and visitors discover the activity of animals that often sleep during daylight hours. During the tour of the Park you will find places of sale of ice creams, drinks, sweets and biscuits. In the Central Plaza, located in the Chilean Zoon, we have the indoor Plaza de Comidas, also offering fries and hot-dog. There are two shops where you can buy a souvenir of your visit to Buin Zoo. One is inside the Park in front of the restaurant “Los Alpes”, and another, the main and largest, is located next to the input how to get: If coming from Santiago, take route 5 South. Cross the bridge over the River Maipo and then take the diversion to the right (it is signposted) which leads to a local street parallel to the Pan-American Highway. Follow 2 miles to the South until the entrance to parking lots. Metrotren is more fun and safe way to visit the Buin Zoo. Discover all the wonders of nature and their animals by visiting the Zoo located just steps from the Buin Zoo railway station. Plan your visit in advance and inform you of itineraries and rates of Metrotren in WWW.EFE.CL or by calling 600 585 5000. The Metrotren leaves Central station, located in the Central station metro station, line 1. Original author and source of the article.